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Cookies by Emily Jenkins
Theatre Royal Haymarket / May 2017 / Masterclass Trust, in collaboration with Pureland Foundation and Kidscape charity
Direction: Anna Ledwich
Set and Costume: Frankie Bradshaw
Lighting: Elliot Griggs
Video: Nina Dunn
Sound: Max Pappenheim
Photos by Pamela Raith and Nina Dunn
"The internet is their battleground.
London their surround sound.
YouTube their statement maker, their whatsit - manifesto maker."
"The result of excellent script-writing matched with a visually stunning set, Cookies thinks about the rapidly- changing technological scene, and how it is affecting our young people and their relationships in the 21st century. " Everything Theatre *****
"The archaic symbol of a telegraph pole dominates designer Frankie Bradshaw's set but strung with coloured lights to all corners it becomes a modern image. Sloping above is a giant screen on which colours flash and images change as rapidly as on a mobile screen " British Theatre Guide
Set & Costume Designer
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