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Dear Octopus 
by Dodie Smith

National Theatre / January 2024
Direction: Emily Burns
Set and Costume: Frankie Bradshaw
Lighting: Oliver Fenwick
Sound: Ting Ying Dong
Composition: Nico Muhly

Assistant Director: Julia Levai
Costume Supervisor: Natasha Prynne
Props Supervisor: Kirsten Shiell
WHAM Supervisor: Phillip Carson

Photos by Marc Brenner
'The show glides seamlessly. Frankie Bradshaw’s costumes in cool blues and generous rotating set to match hold such character within them, while Tingying Dong’s beautifully ephemeral sound design creates the sensation of time slipping by, the notes seeming to fade before they’ve fully landed. The whole show feels like this, as if they’re all butterflies temporarily pinned down.' **** Guardian

'A fully revolving set designed by Frankie Bradshaw offers two family rooms and an additional nursery that appears with a further scenic trick. It’s absolutely gorgeous, the ancestral home becomes a character in itself, anchoring it to the genealogy and history of the typical upper-middle class.' Broadway World 

'exquisitely designed by Frankie Bradshaw'  ***** LondonTheatre

'Then you start to notice Frankie Bradshaw’s dreamy blue-green set... how the darkness and the warmth of the old house draw you in, everything barely visible in the firelight and gaslight. And there’s the way that almost all the costumes pick up a shade of this blue-green, like the characters are part of the fabric of the place.'  **** Independent

'an elegant palette of sea greens, glossy mahogany and antique gold'  ***** The Stage

'Dramatically riveting. Visually superb.'  The Spectator 

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Set & Costume Designer
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