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Hansel by Shiona Morton
Winner of the Theatre Fest West Writers' Prize 2018
Salisbury Playhouse / March 2018
Direction: Jo Newman
Set and Costume: Frankie Bradshaw
Lighting: James Mackenzie
Sound: Michael Scott
Photos by Craig Fuller
"Three people lost in a deep dark wood.
One can't remember, one can't forget, and one can't...
But that would be telling."
"A thoughtful and deeply moving play." British Theatre Guide
Frankie Bradshaw's atmospheric set more or less fills the Salberg from ceiling to floor... The trees team with the junk which is both treasured physical flotsam and jetsam of Edith's life and the mental shackles which are imprisoning her." The Fine Times Recorder
"Frankie Bradshaw's set is spectacular, gorgeously built totally from planks. Slatted timber floors and walls are painted in crumbling pale blues, greens and browns. For a set that's in part the home of a hoarder, it's almost too beautiful." Rebekah's Reviews
Set & Costume Designer
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