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Jerusalem by Jez Butterworth
Watermill Theatre / June 2018
Direction: Lisa Blair
Set and Costume: Frankie Bradshaw
Lighting: Christopher Nairne
Sound: Tom Attwood
Photos by Phillip Tull
"Happy Saint Georges day. Now kiss my beggar arse, you puritans!'
"Frankie Bradshaw's brilliantly busy design comes complete with battered caravan almost toppling down onto the audience. The play in close up becomes incredibly, intimately intense." The Stage
"Rooster holds court outside his dillapidated caravan amongst the junk and beneath the trees. An excellent set design by Frankie Bradshaw that makes the most of the small space." Pocket Sized Theatre
"In the woods lives gypsy Johnny 'Rooster' Byron in a dillapidated old caravan surrounded by the detritus of his bohemian lifestyle, superbly realised in Frankie Bradshaw's atmospheric set." Newbury Times
Set & Costume Designer
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