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La Ronde (2017 adaptation) by Max Gill
Bunker Theatre / February 2017
Direction: Max Gill
Set and Costume: Frankie Bradshaw
Lighting: Jack Weir
Sound: Nathan Klein
Photos by Richard Burmiston

La Ronde Trailer

La Ronde Trailer
La Ronde Trailer
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"You deserve an Oscar.
What for?
For playing the best fuck of my life."
"Max Gill’s non-gender specific adaptation of Schnitzler’s La Ronde is relevant and imaginative. A physical wheel of fortune governs the action: four actors play the cast of ten and their roles are selected by a roulette. This randomised casting process does not consider race, sexuality, class or gender when choosing actors, crossing established social boundaries and breaking down walls.... (it) normalises and celebrates diversity." **** The Upcoming
"Perfectly illustrates the notion of fate and the indiscriminate nature of attraction." **** Whatsonstage
Set & Costume Designer
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