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Local Hero 
Book by David Greig
Music and Lyrics by Mark Knopfler 

Chichester Festival Theatre, Minerva / October 2022
Direction: Daniel Evans
Set and Costume: Frankie Bradshaw
Lighting: Paule Constable and Ryan Day
Video: Ash Woodward

Sound: Paul Arditti
Musical Direction: Richard John
Music Producer: Guy Fletcher

Movement: Sasha Milavic Davies
Assistant Director: Francesa Murray-Fuentes

Photos by Manuel Harlem with wides by Ash Woodward
'It's only rocks and water. Sand and sea and rocks and water...'

"an especially nifty set by Frankie Bradshaw, which turns the stage into a giant metallic ocean wave." The Guardian
"For this hymn to sea and sky, Frankie Bradshaw, rising design luminary, and Paule Constable, established lodestar of lighting, do not try to create natural features. They suggest instead a space of dazzle and expansiveness – above and below the stage. Bradshaw’s tubular-steel set is covered by fluorescent stock-market figures, by the silvery pattern of waves, by the pinks and mauves and, eventually, scarlets of the northern lights" Observer
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Set & Costume Designer
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