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adapted by Emily Burns 

Liverpool, Edinburgh, London, Washington DC / produced by Wessex Grove/Underbelly/STC Washington / November 2023
Direction: Simon Godwin
Set and Costume: Frankie Bradshaw
Lighting: Jai Morjaria
Sound: Christopher Shutt
Composition: Asaf Zohar

Assistant Director: Alice Wordsworth
Associate Costume Designer and Supervisor: Olivia Ward
Associate Set Designer: Ceci Calf
Props Supervisor: Marcus Hall
WHAM Designer: Susanna Peretz 

Photos by Marc Brenner
'Frankie Bradshaw – rising star of stage design – has created a wasteland of toppled telegraph poles, chunks of masonry, a half-blasted tree, a burned-out car. Smoke curls up; embers glow, finely lit by Jai Morjaria. Among the far-off crash and boom of explosions, the thin tinkle of a musical box.'  **** Observer

'Adapted by Emily Burns, it is a smart, spare, modern dramatisation, in which Frankie Bradshaw’s enveloping set design is the star of the show.' Guardian 

'The stage set is an elegant geometric structure in forbidding gray, comprising a number of doors, balconies and stairways, representing the various Scottish castles in which much of the action unfolds. Thin, vertical streaks of blood gradually materialize on its walls as the story progresses.' New York Times
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Set & Costume Designer
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