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Skellig by David Almond
Nottingham Playhouse / March 2019
Direction: Lisa Blair
Set and Costume: Frankie Bradshaw
Lighting: Alex Stafford-Clarke
Sound: Tom Attwood
Movement: Chi-San Howard
Puppetry: Matthew Forbes
Photos by Marc Brenner
"What are you Skellig?
Something. Something like you, something like a beast, something like a bird, something like an angel. Something like that."
The set, by Frankie Bradshaw, is a child’s dream: it inspires you to want to run up and explore, not sit back and sigh, as adults do, about having to clean it up. **** The Times
"I gasp at first glance, so intriguing is this giant nest holding a world within it. Frankie Bradshaw’s set is some of the most arresting and detailed design I’ve seen in years. A place to rest heads, to travel distances, to fly, to play football and to learn. A safe haven for a story to unfurl." Exeunt Magazine 
"Hurdles of desiccated branches; a dead (or deciduous) tree; a display of domestic detritus... it offers surprise after surprise; delight after delight; and in a way that anything lusher, neater, more ‘alive’ could never achieve.  Bradshaw and Director, Lisa Blair, have conspired to amaze us." Theatre World
Skellig Wings.jpeg
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Set & Costume Designer
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