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Sweat by Lynn Nottage
Donmar Warehouse / Dec 2018 and Gielgud Theatre / June 2019
Direction: Lynette Linton
Set and Costume: Frankie Bradshaw
Lighting: Oliver Fenwick
Sound: George Dennis
Photos by Johan Persson
Frankie Bradshaw and Lynette Linton were joint winners for the award for Best Creative West End Debut at the Stage Debut awards 2019
"When we walked out of the textile mill thinking big, they locked us out, beat down our optimism and we couldn't get back in. You hear me? 
Man, I pray it don't come to that.
Get down on your knees, son...
"In Lynette Linton's production, Frankie Bradshaw's impressive design sets the watering hole against a background of rusting girders... I can't think of any recent play that tells us so much, so vividly about the state of the union." ***** The Guardian
"Frankie Bradshaw’s design is first monumental and decrepit, then bright and detailed. An industrial wasteland – rusty pipes the breadth of human torsos – gives way to a bright bar with a neon sign in cursive writing, plastic tomatoes for ketchup." ***** The Observer
"The scene is beautifully designed by Frankie Bradshaw with just the right level of detail and rusted girders holding up the sides, to remind us that the women and the city owe their prosperity to an industry that is dying." ***** Whatsonstage
" We don’t know what’s going on, but we’ll soon find out, as Frankie Bradshaw’s all-American bar set descends from the ceiling, carefully, reverently, like a place of worship." ***** Time Out 
"Between director Lynette Linton, designer Frankie Bradshaw, and the ensemble cast of one's dreams, Nottage's portrait of a land in divisive freefall could not seem more complete." 
***** The Arts Desk  
Set & Costume Designer
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