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Trying It On by David Edgar
China Plate UK Tour / 2018
Direction: Christopher Haydon
Set and Costume: Frankie Bradshaw
Lighting and Video: William Reynolds
Sound: Ella Wahlstrom
Photos by Arnim Friess
"My brothers and sisters, my name is Assata Shakur and I am a Black Revolutionary.'
"As so often at the Gate, the design is a little miracle: Frankie Bradshaw conjures old Havana with a tiled floor, beaten copper walls and a crumbling ceiling." The Guardian
"With its cracked tiles and faux-sunlight, the set is beautiful, and as the doors were unlocked at the end, I acknowledged that this small piece of revolutionary Havana is likely to stay with me for a while to come." Exeunt Magazine
"Frankie Bradshaw’s design is utterly transformative, with detailed Cuban floor tiles and weathered wooden panels, allowing the audience to be transported into the tiny world of Assata’s front room, whilst being exposed to the huge world that exists outside it" ***** Theatre Bubble
Set & Costume Designer
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